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Way of Love
At General Convention this year, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry asked that all Episcopalians commit to following the Way of Love.  The Way of Love describes the different parts of living a life following Jesus.  Those parts are:

TURN: Pause, listen & choose to follow Jesus
LEARN: Reflect on Scripture each day
PRAY: Spend time with God each day
WORSHIP: Gather with a community to praise God
BLESS: Share faith, give & serve
GO: Cross boundaries, listen deeply & live like Jesus
REST: Receive the gift of God’s grace

We will be using the Way of Love as the focus of our Small Plates Adult Education and other programs this year.  There is a brochure and some more information on the bulletin board in the library and on the one in the hallway by the kitchen.

Small Plates
We call the adult education program at St. Paul’s Small Plates.  Because our classes are short, ranging from 2 to 6 weeks in length and exploring a wide variety of topics.

During Lent, our Lenten Study will take place during the usual Small Plates time slot.

Lenten Study Begins March 1
This year we are reading the book Inspired by Rachel Held Evans.  There is a sign-up sheet in the parish hall if you want a copy of the book.  Books cost $10 each. 

There will be a discussion of the book on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 9:45 on March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29.  This discussion will be recorded and posted on our podcast site.

There will also be discussion questions posted on Wednesdays on our Facebook page.

Lent Quiet Morning - February 29
We will be having a Lent Quiet morning on Saturday February 29 from 9:30 to noon.  We will start with Morning Prayer at 9:30.  Through the course of the morning we will have 3 reflections followed by long periods of silence.  You can bring a journal or art supplies to respond to the reflections.  We will close the quiet morning with noonday prayer at 11:45.

Bible Study
Bible Study meets on Wednesday morning from 10 – 11 am in the church library. 

This year we are beginning by looking at the life, journeys and writings of St. Paul.  We will start with an overview of the life of Paul and his journeys, move on to looking at the book of Acts, which has much of the story of the life of Paul and the early church and then move on to an in depth look at the epistles that Paul wrote and what they tell us about the faith and life of the early church.

Bible Study started for the year on September 11.  All are welcome.  Come in the office door and you will be in the library.

If you are unable to attend the Bible Study, a recording of the session is posted on St. Paul’s podcast site (

The Bible Study will not be meeting on February 5 – because Pastor Vicki has a community meeting. 
Bible Study will meet February 12.
Bible Study will not meet on February 19 or 26.  Pastor Vicki will be away the 19th and the 26th is Ash Wednesday.

Bible Study will resume its usual schedule in March.

Pub Theology
Pub Theology is a gathering of people (usually in a pub) for food, drink and conversation about God. 

St. Paul’s Pub Theology will be meeting at Tully’s at the corner of Main & Transit on Tuesday February 11 at 7 pm. 

We will grab a table, order our food, pop, water or beer and start talking.

The initial topic for February Pub Theology how do you hear God? But the conversation will go where it goes.  All are welcome and bring friends if you like.

Bible Challenge
The Bible Challenge is designed to have us read large portions of the Bible, including portions we don’t normally read.

This is part of the “Learn” step of the Way of Love.

Completing the whole challenge will result in reading more than ½ of the Bible.

The 2019-20 Challenge has 4 sections.  Epistles, Acts & Revelation, Writings & History.

The Bible Challenge began the week of September 8.  There are readings for six days each week, with a hiatus in December.  The brochure with the whole challenge can be found in the back of the church and on the bulletin board in the library and outside the kitchen.

Here are the readings for January/February:

Week of January 19 - Job
Day 1 – Chapters 21-23                                 
Day 2 – Chapters 24-27                     
Day 3 – Chapters 28-31
Day 4 – Chapters 32-34                                   
Day 5 – Chapters 35-37                     
Day 6 – Chapters 38-41

Week of January 26 - Ezekiel
Day 1 – Chapters 1-4                         
Day 2 – Chapters 5-8              
Day 3 – Chapters 9-12           
Day 4 – Chapters 13-16                                 
Day 5 – Chapters 17-20                     
Day 6 – Chapters 21-24

Week of February 2 - Ezekiel
Day 1 – Chapters 25-28                                 
Day 2 – Chapters 29-32                     
Day 3 – Chapters 33-36
Day 4 – Chapters 37-40                                  
Day 5 – Chapters 41-44                     
Day 6 – Chapters 45-48

Week of February 9 - Daniel
Day 1 – Chapters 1-2                         
Day 2 – Chapters 3-4              
Day 3 – Chapters 5-6           
Day 4 – Chapters 7-8                                 
Day 5 – Chapters 9-10                     
Day 6 – Chapters 11-12

Week of February 16 - Joshua
Day 1 – Chapters 1-2                                 
Day 2 – Chapters 3-4                     
Day 3 – Chapters 5-6
Day 4 – Chapters 7-8                                   
Day 5 – Chapters 9-10                     
Day 6 – Chapters 11-12

Week of February 23 - Joshua
Day 1 – Chapters 13-14                         
Day 2 – Chapters 15-16              
Day 3 – Chapters 17-18           
Day 4 – Chapters 19-20                                 
Day 5 – Chapters 21-22                     
Day 6 – Chapters 23-24

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