Adult Education

Way of Love
At General Convention this year, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry asked that all Episcopalians commit to following the Way of Love.  The Way of Love describes the different parts of living a life following Jesus.  Those parts are:

TURN: Pause, listen & choose to follow Jesus
LEARN: Reflect on Scripture each day
PRAY: Spend time with God each day
WORSHIP: Gather with a community to praise God
BLESS: Share faith, give & serve
GO: Cross boundaries, listen deeply & live like Jesus
REST: Receive the gift of God’s grace

We will be using the Way of Love as the focus of our Small Plates Adult Education and other programs this year.  There is a brochure and some more information on the bulletin board in the library and on the one in the hallway by the kitchen.

Small Plates
Small Plates is our Sunday morning adult education occasional series.  They are a series of short courses that meet between 9:15 and 9:45 in Classroom 2.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions.  Often these are about losing weight or reading more or spending more time with family.  Many people try to make resolutions about body, mind and spirit.

St. Paul’s is offering an opportunity to consider the spirit part.  On January 6 and 13 the Small Plates class will explore the concept of a rule of life.  This is an ancient Christian practice that helps people keep their spiritual life in the mix of all of the other demands on us.

We will record this class and post it on our pod-cast too.

Bible Study
Bible Study meets on Wednesday morning from 10 – 11 am in the church library. 

This year we are looking at ways to live our faith in the world around us.  Our weekday Bible Study is continuing to look at the area of Social Justice, both from Christian and other perspectives. 

All are welcome.  Come in the office door and you will be in the library.

Bible Challenge
The Bible Challenge is designed to have us read large portions of the Bible, including portions we don’t normally read.

This is part of the “Learn” step of the Way of Love.

Completing the whole challenge will result in reading more than ½ of the Bible.

The 2018-19 Challenge has 5 sections.  Torah, Gospels, Minor Prophets, Major Prophets and Wisdom literature.

The Bible Challenge began in September.  There are readings for every day.  The brochure with the whole challenge can be found in the back of the church and on the bulletin board in the library and outside the kitchen.

The readings for January are:

January 13-19 - Hosea & Joel
Day 1 - Hosea Chapter 9
Day 2 - Hosea Chapter 10
Day 3 - Hosea Chapters 11-12
Day 4 - Hosea Chapters 13-14
Day 5 - Joel Chapters 1-2
Day 6 - Joel Chapter 3

January 20-26 - Amos & Obadiah
Day 1 - Amos Chapters 1-2
Day 2 - Amos Chapters 3-4
Day 3 - Amos Chapters 5-6
Day 4 - Amos Chapters 7-8
Day 5 - Amos Chapter 9
Day 6 - Obadiah

January 27 - February 2 - Micah, Nahum, & Habakkuk
Day 1 - Micah Chapters 1-3
Day 2 - Micah Chapters 4-5
Day 3 - Micah Chapters 6-7
Day 4 - Nahum
Day 5 - Habakkuk

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