Adult Education

Small Plates
Small Plates is our Sunday morning adult education occasional series.  They are a series of short courses that meet between 9:15 and 9:45 in the parish hall.

Bible Study
The weekly Bible study meets on Wednesday mornings at 10 am in the library. 

The Bible Study is currently exploring the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the connections between the three Abrahamic faiths.

Bible Challenge: 40 Stories from Matthew Every Christian Should Know
We all know that it is hard to sit down and read the Bible.  It is an easy thing to let go in the midst of our busy lives.

This year the St. Paul’s Bible reading challenge takes a new twist. 

We will be reading 40 stories from the Gospel of Matthew that every Christian needs to know.  These are the stories that lay the foundation of our faith. 

There is one story each week.  The stories are of varying lengths.  Download the full schedule for the year.  Pastor Vicki will be reflecting on the stories on her blog –

Week of June 11
Resurrection - Matthew 28:1-20

Bible Stories You Think You Know
This is newer program at St. Paul’s.  Several times during the year we have classes looking at stories in the Bible that you may have heard in Sunday School, but don’t know the whole story.

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