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Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School will be held Monday – Thursday August 27 – 30 from 9 am – 1 pm. 

Our theme this year is Hero Central.  We will be exploring heroes of the Bible, how we can be heroes and playing hero games.

Vacation Bible School is open to children aged 5 – 12.  Teenagers are welcome to be helpers for community service hours.  There is no charge for Vacation Bible School, but we only have room for 12 kids.  The sign-up sheet will be in the parish hall in August along with permission forms.  Each day children will need to bring a sack lunch; a water bottle and a beach towel.  

We need adults to help with Music, Crafts, Games and Lego time.  The curriculum will be on the poster with a sign up sheet. Please sign up to help if you can.

Sunday School Kick-off - September 9
With fall comes the beginning of school and with the beginning of school comes the kick off of Sunday School and fall programs.

We will be doing something a little different this year.  Instead of starting with a blessing, we send the kids off to Sunday School, and after they return, we will end the 10 o’clock service with a blessing for new ventures. 

Sunday School classes will begin on Sunday September 9. Sunday School classes begin at 10 am.  The children join their parents in church around the time of the announcements.

This year our Sunday School will be focusing on the theme of stories from the Old Testament.

Sunday School classes are in session all but the last Sunday of the month.  The last Sunday of the month the children join in the whole service and often have a part of the service as well.

The classes this year are:
Nursery – for children under 4 years old.  Aaron Macke will once again be our nursery leader.  He will be using the Godly Play model and sharing Bible stories and prayers with our smallest children.

Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade – for children age 4 through those in the first grade.  The class will be led by Tiffany Matthews. 

Grades 2 – 4 – this class will be led by Pam McCrossan. 

Grades 5 – 8 – this class will be led by Justin & Rochelle Gerstung with help from Andrea Brown.

A High School Discussion Class will be led by Beth Ulatowski.  That will take place on the first Sunday of the month, beginning on October 7.  The rest of the weeks, high school students are encouraged to attend church and find a ministry that speaks to them: acolyting, ushering, hosting coffee hour, serving as a chalice bearer, singing in the choir, helping with the nursery or a Sunday School class are just some of the options available.  See Pastor Vicki for help getting connected with a ministry that seems interesting to you. 

Mary Lou Stege, & Peg Anderson will be coordinating the Christmas Pageant.

Brown Bag Sermon - September 30
Sunday September 30 is the last Sunday of the month.  On the last Sunday of the month there are no Sunday School classes, the children are asked to join their parents for church.  Many months we do something special on the last Sunday to involve the kids in the service.

On September 30 we are having a “Brown Bag” Sermon at 10 am.  Children are invited to bring an item and put it in Pastor Vicki’s bag.  She will have to use everything in the bag in her sermon.

There are some rules:

  1. Nothing alive can go in the bag.

  2. Nothing that will make Pastor Vicki’s hands messy can go in the bag.

Items will be returned to the children after the service.

Lego Club
Lego Club meets on the first Saturday of the month at 4 pm.

Lego ClubWe will gather in the parish hall.  We will be using the Building Faith Brick by Brick model.  We will start with a prayer, be told a story and then asked some questions to help respond to the story.  We will then be turned loose on the Legos to build whatever comes to mind.  We will close with cookies and juice.  All children are invited to participate (although the Legos are marked as not for children under 3 because of the choking hazard). 

Parents are encouraged to participate with their children.  Friends are welcome too.  Lego club will meet the first Saturday of every month at 4 pm.  As part of our 75th Anniversary celebration, the Church the Children built will be having the children build a Lego church during Lego club.

Lego Club will not meet in July, August, or September.  Join us on October 6!  In 2018-2019, we will be focusing on the story of Noah's Ark.

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