Parish Events

Bishop Visit - March 4
Bishop Franklin will be visiting St. Paul’s on Sunday March 4. 

The Bishop will be the celebrant and preacher at both the 8 and 10 o’clock services and will be confirming eight of our youth at the 10 o’clock service. 

In the Episcopal Church since 1979 the only requirement for receiving communion is baptism.  So any child who has been baptized is welcome to receive communion.  However, some parents want their children to have some preparation before receiving communion.

A Bishop’s visit is a great time for children to begin receiving communion.  So if you would like your child to have their first communion when the Bishop is here but would like them to have some preparation.  There is an “at home” study guide that you can use with your children to get them ready for communion.

Let Pastor Vicki know if you would like us to acknowledge the fact that your child is receiving communion for the first time at the Bishop’s visit. If your children are already receiving communion but you would like them to have some more education this will work for you too.

It will be a day of celebration.

There is a sign up sheet in the parish hall to help with the reception for Bishop Franklin after the 10 am service.

Day of Change - March 11
On March 11, Daylight Saving Time begins.  At St. Paul’s, the day we change the clocks is the Day of Change.

Change your clocks, bring your change to church - we will collect it and use your change to change people's lives. 

This spring we will send the change to the Honor Flight.

Cleanup Day - March 24
In order to be ready to celebrate Easter we need to clean the church and the grounds and get ready to welcome spring, our Easter guests and the risen Christ, not necessarily in that order.

The Parish Clean Up Day will be Saturday March 24.  We will meet at the church at 9:30 a.m. and work until the work is done.  We are assuming that this will be mostly indoor work, but if it is a nice day we might spruce up the outside as well.

Bring your bucket, rags, rakes and trash bags.

Easter Egg Hunt - March 31
Don’t miss the Easter Egg Hunt.  On Saturday March 31 at 2 pm.  We invite our own children, their friends and all of our neighbors to join us in hunting eggs.

If the weather is good we will hunt outside, bring your coat.  If it’s raining or snowing we will be inside.  There are separate areas for little kids and bigger kids. 

Make sure that you are on time.  Last year all the eggs were found within about 2 minutes.

Teenagers who want community service hours are invited to come to church at 1:00 pm and help hide eggs and run the hunt.

Easter Vigil - March 31
The Easter Vigil is an ancient service, one of the oldest in the church.  It is the first service of Easter and combines the stories of the Passover and the Resurrection with the rejoicing in the light of Christ.

At St. Paul’s we have adapted the service to be a participatory experience for children and families.  We start with a fire spinner helping us light the Christ candle and then march into the church for the service.

Join us at 4 pm on Easter Saturday, March 31.

Basket Raffle/BBQ
We are reviving a St. Paul’s tradition and having a basket raffle in April.  We will also be having a Chicken BBQ that same day.

The raffle and BBQ will be Saturday April 28.  The Raffle will be from 11 – 3.  The BBQ will start service at noon.

There are several things that we will need people to do:

There is a sign up sheet in the Parish Hall for all of these roles.

75th Anniversary Party
We are having lots of events this year to celebrate St. Paul’s 75th Anniversary. 

One of the events is a party on the fantail of the USS Little Rock.  This party is for adults.  It will feature 1940s music, an opportunity to swing dance, food and drink and a chance to have fun and enjoy the waterfront.

1940s attire is welcome, but not required.

The party is Saturday June 9 from 6 to 9 pm.

The cost is $40 for singles, $75 for couples.

There is a sign up sheet in the parish hall.  We need a count for the caterer by April 22 so be sure to sign up before then.

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