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Jason Miller's Ordination - March 2
Jason Miller will be ordained to the sacred order of priests on Saturday March 2 at 11 am at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo.

The Cathedral is located at 139 Pearl St. (at the corner of Pearl & Church).  Main Place Mall is a good place to park, the entrance to the parking is on Pearl St.

Tourist in Our Hometown: Buffalo Science Museum - March 3
Our second Tourist in our Hometown Event of 2019 will be a behind the scenes tour of the Buffalo Science Museum. 

We will be going on Sunday March 3.  Our tour time is 1 pm, so we will leave St. Paul’s just after noon.  There are spots for 12 people in this special behind the scenes tour. The cost is $20 per person.  After the tour we will be able to visit the Lego exhibit as well as the rest of the Museum.

The sign-up sheet in the parish hall.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - March 5
It has long been tradition to, on the day before Lent begins, eat pancakes.  It began as a way to use up all of the fats in the household, which could not be consumed during Lent.  The day came to be called Shrove Tuesday.  “Shrove” is an old English word meaning repent.  So on Shrove Tuesday we repented and got ready for Lent.

We continue the tradition by having a pancake supper on “Shrove” Tuesday – this year the pancake supper will be March 5 from 5 to 7 p.m.  The menu is pancakes, sausage, apple sauce and beverage.  Everyone is welcome. 

We need some people to help set up, to help serve and to help clean up.  There is a sign up sheet in the parish hall for the various crews.

We will also be playing some traditional pancake games this year.  We will be having pancake races, pancake flipping contests, pancake on the head race (with cardboard pancakes) and more.  We also will be having lots of jelly beans and a jelly bean guessing game and will be decorating an “alleluia” banner to hide until Easter (we will seek it at the Easter Vigil).

Ash Wednesday - March 6
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday – this year Ash Wednesday is March 6.  On Ash Wednesday we impose ashes – made from blessed palms- on the forehead as a reminder that we are all mortal and that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. 

We will have two services on Ash Wednesday.  One at Noon and one at 7 p.m.   

We will also be participating in “Ashes to Go” this year.  If you wish to receive Ashes but don’t have time for a full service – Ashes will be available from 7:30 to 8:30 am and 5 to 6:00 pm.  The Ashes will be available in the parking lot right by the Parish Hall door – you can stay in your car.  We hand out a brochure with prayers & information to those receiving ashes.  If you would like to help with Ashes to Go, let Pastor Vicki know.

We also will be offering ashes throughout the day.  Just come in the office door (it’s the one by the mailbox).

Lent Quiet Morning - March 9
We will be having a Lent Quiet morning on Saturday March 9 from 9:30 to noon.  We will start with Morning Prayer at 9:30.  Through the course of the morning we will have 3 reflections followed by long periods of silence.  You can bring a journal or art supplies to respond to the reflections.  We will close the quiet morning with noonday prayer at 11:45.

Crafting Group - March 9
Because of Jason Miller’s ordination on March 2, we are moving the crafting group to March 9.  Crafting group will meet Saturday March 9 from 2 to 4 pm in the library.

Day of Change - March 10
On March 10, Daylight Saving Time begins.  At St. Paul’s, the day we change the clocks is the Day of Change.

Don’t forget to change your clocks, one hour forward.  Bring your change to church - we will collect it and use your change to change people's lives. 

This spring we will send the change to the Family Justice Center.

Brown Bag Sermon - March 31
On Sunday March 31 at the 10 am service, Pastor Vicki will be doing a Brown Bag sermon.

All children are invited to bring an item to church and put it in Pastor Vicki’s bag.  She has to use everything in the bag in her sermon.

There are a few rules:

  1. Nothing alive can be put in the bag

  2. Nothing sloppy (put your slime in a jar)

Use your creativity and bring something for the bag (you will get the items back after the sermon)

Dinner Church - March 31
Dinner Church is a revival of the earliest form of Christian worship.  People gather for a simple meal, over the meal there is conversation about God, the meal closes with prayer and the blessing and sharing of bread and wine.

Dinner Church usually takes place some place other than the church building and has proved to be an effective way to reach out to people who are interested in exploring faith, but not necessarily church. 

We are exploring if Dinner Church is something that St. Paul’s wants to try.  We are going to have a sample Dinner Church in the Parish Hall on Sunday March 31 at 6 pm. 

Everyone is invited to come and give it a try.

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