Parish Events

All parish events are cancelled through April 1.
The COVID-19 virus situation is a rapidly changing situation.  We will announce  any additional changes and cancellations to congregational events on our Facebook page and through our e-newsletter.  You can subscribe to our e-news here.

Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday April 5
Services @ 8 & 10 am.
Palms will be blessed in church at the 8 am service
At the 10 am service the palm blessing will either be outdoors or in the parish hall followed by a procession into church

Thursday April 9- Maundy Thursday
Service @ 7 pm
Eucharist and stripping of the altar
Youth overnight lock-in follows the service

Friday April 10 – Good Friday
Services @ noon & 7pm

Saturday April 11
Easter Egg Hunt @ 2 pm
Bring your friends and neighbors.  We hunt outside if we can, inside only if we absolutely have to.

Family & Children Easter Vigil @ 4 pm
This is the ancient first service of Easter adapted for shorter attention spans.  We welcome the resurrection of Jesus with a floating lantern, jingle bells, battery operated tea lights, a skeleton puzzle, Holy Water and flowers.  Come and see what it is all about.

Easter Sunday April 12
Service @ 8 & 10 am.  Both services have hymns, choir and joyful Easter celebrations.

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