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Picnic & Sunday School Awards - June 18
The Parish Picnic and Sunday School Awards Day will be the same day.

We will be picnicking and awarding on Sunday June 18.

The 8 o’clock service happens in the church as normal. The 10 o’clock service will be held in Pastor Vicki’s backyard.  We will put up a tent and some tables and chairs. It will be a shorter, more informal service. 

We will honor the Sunday School students, their teachers and have special honors for high school graduates. The children’s choir will sing at the picnic.

After church we will play games and then eat lunch.

Hamburgers and hot dogs as well as beverages and tableware will be provided.  Bring a dish to share. 

The service and picnic are always fun and a chance to be a little more casual.  We need a couple of grill masters for the picnic to cook the hamburgers and hotdogs.  We also need help with set up and some people to run games.  Sign up sheet is in the parish hall.

If someone in your family is graduating from high school or college this year, please let the parish office know (

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