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Clarence Hollow Farmer's Market - August 31
St. Paul’s is the featured non-profit at the Clarence Hollow Farmers Market on Saturday August 31.  We will be handing out our church tote bags, as well as information about Sunday School and some resources for prayer and Bible Study at home. 

This is a great chance to get our name out in the Clarence community and meet some of our neighbors.  We need a few workers.  The Farmers Market is from 8 – 12.  We need two or three people to help staff the table.  The sign-up sheet will be in the Parish Hall in August.

Fall Kickoff - September 8
With fall comes the beginning of school and with the beginning of school comes the kick off of Sunday School and fall programs.

We will send the kids off to Sunday School at the beginning of the service, and after they return, we will end the 10 o’clock service with a blessing for new ventures. 

Sunday School classes will begin on Sunday September 8. Sunday School classes begin at 10 am.  The children join their parents in church around the time of the announcements.

This year our Sunday School will be focusing on the theme of stories from the New Testament.

Sunday School classes are in session all but the last Sunday of the month.  The last Sunday of the month the children join in the whole service and often have a part of the service as well.  There are brochures with the full-year schedule in the literature racks and on the youth bulletin boards.

The classes this year are:
Nursery – for children under 4 years old. 
Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade – will explore different stories from the New Testament
Grades 2 – 4 – will explore the parables of Jesus 
Grades 5 – 8 – will explore the parables of Jesus 
The High School Discussion Class will take place on the first Sunday of the month, beginning on October 6.  The rest of the weeks, high school students are encouraged to attend church and find a ministry that speaks to them: acolyting, ushering, hosting coffee hour, serving as a chalice bearer or reader, singing in the choir, helping with the nursery or a Sunday School class are just some of the options available.  See Pastor Vicki for help getting connected with a ministry that seems interesting to you. 

Bishop Rowe will be coming to St. Paul’s on December 15 for a visit and Confirmation.  Information about Confirmation classes will be in the October Bell.

Darien Lake - September 8
It is a St. Paul’s tradition to head to Darien Lake amusement park on Fall Kick-Off Sunday (September 8).  We have discovered that it is a great day to go, because the park is kind of empty and we can ride a lot of rides.

Youth grades 6 and up are invited to come, whether or not their families come.  Pastor Vicki & Aaron Macke will supervise the youth.

Families are invited to come too.  If children younger than sixth grade want to come, they need a parent to come along. 

We will pick a “headquarters” space in the park and one adult will be there the whole time.  Groups of people head out to ride the rides, coming back to check in from time to time.

We will have lunch at church before we head out.  The church is buying the lunch and underwriting the cost of the tickets.  The cost is $30/person for park tickets (if you have season passes to the park you don’t have to pay)

The park closes at 5 pm.  We will be back at St. Paul’s at about 5:30 pm

There is a sign up sheet in the parish hall or email Pastor Vicki ( so we know how much lunch to order and how many tickets.

70th Anniversary of the Building - September 18
Wednesday September 18 is the 70th anniversary of the dedication of St. Paul’s building.  St. Paul’s was founded in 1942 as an ecumenical Sunday School.  For the first year we met in people’s homes in the Harris Hill neighborhood.  In 1943 we bought the house that is now the rectory and throughout the rest of World War II the church, Sunday School and community events met in the house.

After the end of World War II, when restrictions on building materials were lifted, the congregation started raising money to build a church.  On September 18, 1949 the Bishop of Western New York consecrated the building as a church.

10 years ago in 2009, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the dedication of the building with the installation of Pastor Vicki as the 7th rector of St. Paul’s.

This year we will celebrate the 70th anniversary.  There will be a service at 7pm on Wednesday the 18th, followed by a reception.  Come and celebrate the last 70 years and join in praying for the next 70 years of St. Paul’s ministry.

Olmsted Complex Tour - September 22
The next event in our Tourist in our Hometown series is a tour of the Richardson Olmsted Complex. 

One of Buffalo’s most iconic buildings and a National Historic Landmark, the 145-year-old Richardson Olmsted Campus is being renewed after years of neglect.

Designed by great American architect Henry Hobson Richardson and the famed landscape team of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the building incorporated a system of enlightened treatment for people with mental illness developed by Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride.  Today, the Richardson Olmsted Campus is home to one of the largest historic preservation projects in the nation. Since 2006, the nonprofit Richardson has been hard at work bringing the site back to life after decades of neglect.

The tour is on Sunday September 22.  Our tour time is 2 pm.  The cost of the tour is $20.  A liability waiver is required.  The sign up sheet and waivers are on a post in the parish hall.  The tour involves climbing stairs and many areas are not handicapped accessible.

Bring a Friend to Church & Hot Dog Sunday - September 29
The most effective way for a congregation to grow is for people who are members of the congregation to invite friends to come to church with them.  Most of us don’t do that very often.

On September 29 St. Paul’s is having a “Bring a friend to church” day.  Think about the people that you know and pick one or two that you would like to invite to come to church with you that day.  There is a poster in the parish hall with postcards and informational brochures that you can use to help you invite your friends with you.

There will be a special bulletin that day that will help explain what is happening in the service.

September 29 is also hot dog Sunday.  It is a St. Paul’s tradition where we invite people to stay a little longer during coffee hour and get to know each other.  We serve hot dogs during coffee hour along with the usual treats.

Pet Blessing - October 5
St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals.  It has become a tradition that around his feast day on October 4 churches bless animals.

St. Paul’s will be holding a pet blessing on Saturday October 5 at 9 am.  We will bless pets, have some animal games and treats for humans and animals.  Please bring pet food for a local pet food pantry.

Craft Group - October 5
The Craft Group meets once a month for crafting and conversation.  Bring the craft you are currently working on, a craft you want to start or just come to chat.  We meet in the parish library the first Saturday of the month from 2 to 4 pm. 

The first Craft Group meeting of the fall will be Saturday October 5.

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