COVID-19 Updates


We have in-person worship at 8 & 10 am on Sunday mornings.  Masks are required.  With social distancing requirements, there are 19 pews available for each service, 1 household per pew.
We are continuing to broadcast Morning Prayer at 10 am on Sunday on our Facebook page & post it on our Vimeo channel.  You can find the bulletin here.

Parish Events

Please take a minute and fill out our Looking Forward survey.  As we look to resuming something like normal congregational life, we need your opinions.  Here is the link to the survey.
Some of our parish events have resumed meeting in-person with masks & social distancing.  Others are remaining on Zoom.  Subscribe to our e-newsletter for up to date information and links.

Puzzle Exchange

We have a puzzle exchange located in the garden area in front of our building.  It works like the little free libraries. Bring the puzzles that you have finished and pick up a new one or two.  We are suggesting that you leave the puzzles in your trunk or garage for a day or two (Johns Hopkins says the virus might live up to 24 hours on cardboard).

Children & Youth Activities

Creepy (Virtual) Escape Room (easy)

St. Paul’s Animals (Virtual) Escape Room (intermediate)


Sunday School in a Bag

The Sunday School teachers and Pastor Vicki have talked about it and have decided that we will not resume in person Sunday School until January at the earliest.  The decision was based on a couple of things.  We will be doing a shorter service during the fall and so there would be a very short (less than 15 minute) time for Sunday School.  Our classrooms are too small for social distancing so we would have only the parish hall and youth rooms available for classes.

We decided to go with Sunday School in a Bag for the fall.  Each month it will work like this.

  • The first Sunday of the month a bag for each child will be available for pick up at church.
  • If you aren’t (or won’t be) at church the first Sunday of the month and want a bag, call or email the office and we will bring bags to your home.
  • In the bag will be a lesson and a project.
  • Pre-School – 1st grade students will need some help reading; older kids & teens should be able to do the lesson rather independently. There will be different levels of questions to let the older kids go deeper.
  • There will be discussion questions for families to talk about together.
  • Kids should bring their project to church on the last Sunday of the month (or drop it off at the church before that).
  • The projects will be displayed at church and used in the service.
  • Everything needed for the project will be in the bag, with the exception of crayons, pencils and scissors.

We will also have a coloring page available at church each week for kids to do in the pews during the service and take home with them.