COVID-19 Updates


At the direction of Bishop Rowe, we are suspending all in-person worship and parish events, until further notice.  We are continuing to broadcast Morning Prayer at 10 am on Sunday on our Facebook page and posting the video on our Vimeo channel later in the day.  We are continuing to host many events on Zoom for all ages – subscribe to our e-newsletter for information and links.

Holy Week

Holy Week is, as the name suggests, the holiest week of the Christian year.  We are offering two ways to celebrate Holy Week and Easter at home this year.

Holy Week at home is activities for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and an at home Easter Vigil for your household.  You can sign up to get a Holy Week at Home packet here.

On the Day before Easter, April 3, we will be dropping off stuffed Easter Eggs so that you can have your own, socially distanced, Easter Egg Hunt.  You can sign up for the drop-off Easter Egg Hunt here.

Puzzle Exchange

We have a puzzle exchange located in the garden area in front of our building.  It works like the little free libraries. Bring the puzzles that you have finished and pick up a new one or two.  We are suggesting that you leave the puzzles in your trunk or garage for a day or two (Johns Hopkins says the virus might live up to 24 hours on cardboard).

During the winter the path to the box is cleared from the north side of the building (closer to Main St.) – so drive around, park on that side & walk past the red doors to the box.

Pastor’s Message

St. Paul’s has two catchphrases: “The Church that children built” and “Everyone is welcome at St. Paul’s“.  I love them both and think that they are very reflective of our community.

Everyone is welcome at St. Paul’s.

We welcome everyone of whatever faith background to worship with us at St. Paul’s.  Please check out the schedule of other events as well.

I believe that our call as Christians is to share the love of Christ with everyone and I would like to invite you to explore our community.

On my blog I publish thoughts, reflections and a wide variety of things.  You can get a good sense of the life of St. Paul’s by looking through the photos on this site and checking out our Facebook page.

I’d love to talk to you about your faith journey and how St. Paul’s might help you on your path.  I can be reached by email at or by phone at 632-8221.

— Vicki Zust, Rector

Rector’s Schedule