COVID-19 Response

As of July 20, we are returning to online worship through Labor Day.

The service consists of Rite II Morning Prayer, and is streamed on our Facebook page & posted to our Vimeo channel later in the day.

We are continuing to host many events on Zoom for all ages – subscribe to our e-newsletter for information and links.

Staff & Leadership


The Rev. Vicki Zust, Rector

Parish Staff

Elisabeth Brauza-Hughes, Parish Administrator
Abigail Albrecht, Bookkeeper

Marilyn Brady, Organist
Erin Holmes, Choir Director

Bill Ess, Sexton
Tracy Marinaccio, Sexton

Aaron Macke, Treasurer
Peter Symons, Finance Chair

The Rev. Sare Anuszkiewicz, Writer-in-Residence


Frank Lombardo, Warden
Tim Pazda, Warden
Justin Gerstung
Michael Matthews
GG Michaels
Paul Mikulski
Jeannette Neal
Linda Ryan
Steve Toth
Beth Ulatowski
Bill Weisbeck
Deanna Russell, Clerk