COVID-19 Response – November 12 Update

At the direction of Bishop Rowe, we are suspending all in-person worship and parish events, through December 1.

We are continuing to broadcast Morning Prayer at 10 am on Sunday on our Facebook page and posting the video on our Vimeo channel later in the day.

We are continuing to host many events on Zoom for all ages – subscribe to our e-newsletter for information and links.

What We Do

St. Paul’s welcomes all to celebrate God’s love through faith and action.

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Children & Youth Activities
Right now our usual activities have been adapted to digital formats.  Look for more details on the Children & Youth page about upcoming events!

We are offering digital Sunday School & digital Youth group.  You can find the schedule on the calendar and the Zoom links in our weekly e-newsletterContact Pastor Vicki for more information.

In addition, you can download a brochure that includes a number of different prayers you can use with your family.

Creepy (Virtual) Escape Room – Our youth group discovered a, really very creepy, skeleton while cleaning out the church attic.  He has become something of a mascot for the youth group, who call themselves the Creepy Club.  This virtual escape room is based around Creepy and his club.  Huge thanks to Peters Township Public Library, and Youth Librarian Sydney Krawiec, for the tutorial on which this room is based!

As students and teachers head back to school, we have developed some prayers for children, teachers and families to use. Download them here!


Adult Education
Right now our usual activities have been adapted to digital formats.

Our weekly Bible Study continues to happen at 10 am on Wednesday mornings.  Contact Pastor Vicki for the Zoom link.  A recording of the session is posted to our Podcast site each week.

We have moved our Pub Theology gathering to Zoom too.  Bring your favorite beverage and join in conversations about God, faith, life and what it all means.  You can find the schedule on the calendar and Zoom links in our weekly e-newsletter.

We are doing a combined November & December Book Group.  The book that we are reading is Light of the World, A Beginner’s Guide to Advent by Amy-Jill Levine.  Dr. Levine is a professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbuilt Divinity School.  She looks at the stories of Elizabeth, Mary, the journey to Bethlehem and the visit of the Magi.  The book is very readable and connects the Christmas story to Jewish history in an engaging way.  The book group discussion will be Monday December 14 at 7 pm.  The book is available on Amazon and  If you need help locating a copy, let Pastor Vicki know.

Bible Study is on Wednesdays from 10 to 11 and will be meeting on Zoom.  We are picking up our look at the books in the Bible written by St. Paul.   The link to the Zoom meeting is in This Week and the Sunday Links emails.  Recordings of the Bible Study are posted on our podcast site,  You can catch up on past Bible Study sessions there too.

Small Plates Adult Education class on Zoom will look at the names for the Messiah found in Isaiah 9:6.  The class is based on Walter Brueggemann’s book Names For The Messiah.  This small plates class will take place on three Sundays, November 22 & 29 & December 6 at 11:30 am.


Parish Events
Right now most parish social events have been suspended.  We hope and pray that we will be able to resume gathering safely soon.

We miss Sundae Sunday, Parish Family Dinners, Trips to Darien Lake, Tourist in our Hometown Events and all the other ways that we gather, have fun and learn together.  We miss each other’s company and look forward to the time when we can be back together.

We are going to have a digital Thanksgiving service this year.  Like our digital Sunday service, this will be on our Facebook page and Vimeo Channel.

The service will include some music and prayers and a place for you and your family to share with each other what they are thankful for.

As a part of the service we would like to include what people at St. Paul’s are thankful for.  We will be using the responses to create some word art to include in the service.

You can share with us what you are thankful for in a variety of ways:  You will be receiving a letter with a postcard that you can return to the church.  You can email Pastor Vicki.  You can call the church office and leave a message about what you are thankful for.  You can message our Facebook page.

The Thanksgiving service will be posted on our Facebook page at 10 am on Thanksgiving Day.


Outreach Opportunities
Right now many of our outreach activities have been adapted or suspended because of the pandemic.  Check out our e-newsletter for updates on how you can help our neighbors.

One of the ways we are supporting our community right now is providing a puzzle exchange.  There is a box in front of the church where people can pick up a new puzzle and drop off puzzles they are finished with.  It’s a small way to help keep spirits up in our neighborhood.

We are partners with the Buffalo Elementary School of Technology.  We collect school supplies and hygiene items for students, help in the classrooms and provide the hands and feet for the weekend food distribution among other services to the school.

We are also partners with Harris Hill Elementary School.  We serve as the evacuation site for the school, help in classroom and with PTA and school events.

We are supporters of Hearts and Hands Faith in Action, which connects volunteers to seniors in our community to provide rides to appointments, shopping help and home repair services.

We have other Outreach projects through the year, depending on what is going on in our neighborhood, our region, and the world.